About Chapati

My name is Chapati and I am an Indian Native dog, who travels the world.

I was born at the beginning of January 2017 in Fort Kochi (Kerala, India). Nobody knows what happened to me the next three weeks of my life, but by that time I was a small puppy on its way to death. My body was full of parasites, my leg had a luxation, I was overheated, dehydrated and starving. Yep, and I lost my family…

In the late evening of the 26th of January, two bewildered tourists walked across me and heard me crying. They estimated that there was no chance for me to survive on my own and decided to help. For a few days, they struggled for my life and treated me as they could. During this time, we fell in love with each other and I became a part of their family.

Kristina and Eugene are a married couple, who comes from Ukraine. The day of our acquaintance was just the third night of their half-year journey through South-East Asia. After their decision to adopt me, my parents had to do a lot of research in order to find ways to travel with me. For two months they had to stay in India in order for all my vaccinations and quarantines to be done. Of course, they cut their budget as now they had new expenses. But they never regret or complain.

In two months we reached Nepal by land border. My Mom already made an Instagram-account, calling me Traveling Chapati, and dreamed that more people would adopt Indian dogs, inspired by my story. When we reached Thailand I already had nearly 1K of friends on Instagram and gave my first interview. Things started to change drastically.

My story is a real illustration of fairytales happening in everyday life. I could easily die or in the best case scenario spend my days in the battle for life in the brutal conditions of Indian dogs’ lives. But fate was kind to me and now I am a part of the perfect pack, traveling around the world with my loving parents. I’ve already visited 14 countries in Asia and Europe, became an Instagram-sensation in India and Ukraine, gave lots of interviews. But most importantly I really inspired lots of people to adopt dogs and helped many in organizing all paper-work for international adoptions.

Currently, we stay in Ukraine. My parents are working hard to save some money for future travels, while I spend my time digitizing all knowledge about traveling with pets and trying to share it with the whole world.

A little FAQ on my biography:

Why “Chapati”?

My parents called me Chapati after their favorite Indian flatbread, as I was tan and thin exactly like this dish.

Do you love chapatis, Chapati?

I’m ok to eat some chapatis when I’m hungry, but flour-products are not a proper diet for dogs.

Which countries have you been to?

So far, I’ve been to India, Nepal, Thailand, Myanmar, the Philippines, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Vatican, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, and Belarus. During this time I’ve visited nearly 60 different cities and overall made more than 40,000 km by land, air, and water.

Which kinds of transportation you had to use?

I’ve already tried almost all kinds of transport. I’ve traveled by buses and trains, by planes, cars, rickshaws, numerous kinds of water transport, motorbikes. And I feel comfortable each time, cause it’s my lifestyle.

Why did your parents decide to adopt you?

At first, they just wanted to save my life. But very soon fell in love and were ready for all possible obstacles.

Where do you take money for your travels?

We are not fulltime travelers. During our layovers in Ukraine, my dad takes different projects to earn money. While we stay in my parents’ homeland, we are on a strict budget in order to reserve savings for future travels. We also give our apartment for rent during our journeys.

What breed are you?

When I grew up, we realized that I’m not a mutt. My parents found out that I look exactly like an Indian Native dog, one of the world’s ancient breeds. Read more about my aboriginal landrace.

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