Who We Are

Our Small Pack

I’m happy to introduce my small pack. We are a family of two married Ukrainian human beings and one incredible Indian dog, standing as their biggest love.

Kristina and Eugene (aka mom and dad) visited India in the beginning of 2017. They found me dying on the streets of Kochi, helped me to survive and became my owners. They called me after their favorite Indian bread and made me a traveler and Instagram-star Traveling Chapati.

For quite a long time I shared my adventures in social media, but we wanted to uncover more useful and practical topics on traveling with dogs and a pack lifestyle. And this is the main purpose of the blog.

Although I am not a fulltime traveler, I still have a weighty experience. Being a dog, I’ve already visited 14 countries and covered more than 40,000 km by land, sea and air. We are planning on traveling even more and will unfold all our attainments.

Our Mission

So why do we want to share all this information with you? Our biggest passion in this world are dogs. And all three of us dream that all buddies around the Planet Earth will be loved and cared about. We really believe that knowledge about dogs could make more people adopt. We are sure that humans could adopt animals from different countries if they knew the process and wouldn’t be afraid of it. Our biggest fear is when tourists help dogs in other countries and then bring them back to the streets, when the vacation is over. It also makes us sad, when some face the problem of immigration and have to leave their pet, cause they don’t know the rules of transportation.

So, the objective of this blog is to share information on traveling and immigrating with pets, adopting animals from streets in different countries. We’ll show that there is nothing to be afraid of! Living with a dog, no matter the breed, is a real miracle if you know how to treat it. Traveling with dog is also fun and easy if you know the rules and follow some lifehacks. And if you’ll try to adopt once your life will change forever and you’ll never want to go back.

Our aims are following:

  • To help street dogs find their loving families
  • To help people in adopting dogs (including international adoptions)
  • To help people travel with their beloved pets
  • To help people and dogs live in harmony

Most of the topics, presented here, will also be covered shortly on my YouTube-channel, so you could both read and watch. Stay tuned.

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